Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why these recipes and are they really healthy?

Indeed.  One might question the book I've written as "healthy".  Often, we perceive something by our experience and education.  One of the mindsets I've encountered in my life with people who have gotten locked into the quick and easy, boxed and junk food styles, most anything else, especially made from fresh ingredients and made at home, is generally healthy.  It doesn't have to be brown rice, sweet potatoes and quinoa, or just a diet of vegetables, or a high protein-shun all else diet to be healthy.

My concept of healthy in this premise is what is better than the preservatives, the processed sugars and over processed foods that have removed the wholesome goodness and health, yet what is something that most everyone will eat?  Like working out, one will have to gradually change their habits, one does not jump from one extreme to the other.

My methods and recipes are healthy. Yes, even the cheesecake. Why?  Because it uses fresh, real ingredients, with as little preservatives, additives, processed sugars and such as possible. I use very little, and my recipes can be adapted to use more 'off the shelf' items for those who can tolerate them.  I believe wholeheartedly in balance, in all areas of life.  Eating especially.  I also believe that what is causing the ailments brought on by wrong eating is not necessarily over eating. or eating sweets, though they can contribute to them, but by the processed foods that we have promoted in our society over the past several years.  No truck driver I know is going to suddenly go from candy off the shelf, soda and truck stop buffet to  salads and granola bars cold turkey.  Not going to happen.

This is why I wrote Grillin the Road as I have.  To help drivers, especially, gradually move from unhealthy habits in eating to healthier.  We are all intelligent beings, we can, once pointed in the right direction, find our own paths.  This book provides the basis of a good eating path, and allows one to gradually and easily go from the "quick and easy" but unhealthy to good, home cooked meals that are healthy, if not the body builder's or health-food-connoisseur's dream.

I firmly believe, as I've said before, in the importance of good, healthy food in the body.  The body metabolizes and processes all that enters it - whether it be from the air or ingesting from eating.  The liver and other digestive organs can only handle so much "foreign" substances, as we are finding out now.  Proper eating, along with proper exercise and controlling emotions and thought, and behavior, are key to great health.