A Day Cooking Many Meals

This is an example of some meals I made by setting aside a few hours on a day to do some cooking.  These pictures go with the recipes in the book.  Usually I can get some other housework chores, like laundry, done at the same time. 

Tip for using and freezing in the small glass casserole dishes:
Use any of your recipes for baking or roasting in the glass casserole dishes (see where to buy appliances).

  • Bake or roast as you would normally, making sure your food doesn't come up over the top edge (if it does, you'll not be able to use the vinyl lid, but that's not a big problem, but it means it won't stack neatly in the freezer.).  
  • Allow to cool thoroughly.  Place lid snuggly on top.  Then, wrap the casserole in plastic wrap to double seal (this helps prevent freezer burn and keeps the lid on snuggly.).  Use freezer tape or masking tape to label the meal with what it is and the date it was made.  If the meal exceeds the top of the casserole dish, just double wrap with plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap also helps prevent leaks when thawing.
  • Freeze!  
  • When warming up - remove plastic wrap and open lid a bit for a vent, if microwaving.  Remove all plastic and lid completely if warming up in the oven, and cover with foil if you want to keep moisture in.  DO NOT use foil in the microwave!  
  • Microwave warmup: about 3-5 minutes (or more) depending on power of microwave.  Check food (turn or stir if needed) after the first 3 minutes and after each subsequent minute until done. 

Making Homemade Bouillon and Roasting a Chicken:

    Chicken and veg after roasting - now cooling.  

    Left: Frozen puree'd mirepoix; Right: frozen broth

    Chicken thighs/wings below.  Breasts above.

    In addition to the two casseroles with  parts, we have below: breast meat for sandwiches or just snacking on (awesome dipped in homemade cranberry/apple relish) sliced and above: two chicken & veggie casseroles in a thickened sauce.  Top the casseroles with cheese and/or bread crumbs, or serve in a bread bowl.

    More dishes:
    Top: Thick pork chops (boneless) cooked in the crock pot, lightly breaded with cornmeal
    Bottom: beef "medalions" also cooked in the crock pot - at the same time. Just put the beef in a pocket of foil in with the pork. The temps aren't hot enough to worry about aluminum leaching into the food. 
    I store them in a bit of the liquid they are cooked to keep them from drying out in the refrigerator.
    Slow cooking in the crock pot has made them fall-apart tender.

    Drying apple slices in the dehydrator

    Berry Cobbler 

    Marinated meats in a crock pot 

    Grilled beef  from another marinated meat

    Roasted potatoes

    Twice baked potatoes

    Homemade fettuccine  noodles waiting to be boiled.
    I had some ground beef and home-frozen tomatoes I made spaghetti sauce from. 
    The spaghetti sauce. So much better than commercial and easy to make and freezes well.

    Sourdough French bread "bowls", or just slice up to eat with spaghetti or lasagna.
    Also to left and above: banana bread in individual loaf pans.
    Upper right: pita pocket/wrap bread.

    Yes, this can all be done in a few hours in one day! All recipes are in the book.   

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