Wednesday, November 15, 2017


Hey all!

I'm back and with plans for a new and improved Grillin the Road! Thank you all for your feedback and suggestions.

The new book will be a total revamp of Grillin the Road.  Yes, it will be a revision, but a total rewrite as well. I will be restructuring the book as well as fixing the mistakes (sorry about that) and focusing on more healthy lunch options for all, not just the trucker and traveler.

Hub is retired from trucking (YAY!) and working elsewhere where he is home every night and weekend and able to spend time with his adoring family.  He's lost considerable weight - in a healthy way and keeping it off!

My health took a nosedive but I am on the upswing and made a considerable amount of changes in my life as well, all for the better.   Better living, better friends, better everything.  I've hung up the torch (glasswork) and am more into the music and art side of my hobby life, enjoying retirement, and have plans to get back into weightlifting/bodybuilding soon.

I am just now starting my journey into this new, improved version of GTR and hope you will enjoy the changes.

Regarding negative feedback on the lack of "cooking on the road friendly" recipes - note I clearly state in the book on the first part that the "main purpose of this book is to show you how I prepare healthy meals".   It is not a collection of recipes you can necessarily prepare on the road.  I assume people have a relative level of intelligence to be able to apply their favorite foods and recipes to the techniques described in the book.  I will be happy to include a section of recipes easily prepared on the road if there is a demand for it. 

Keep those suggestions coming!

Love you all,


Friday, April 1, 2016

Ch ch ch ch changes

While I am leaving this page up, I am really not supporting the book at this time. I have removed it from publication (Amazon, et al) to redo it. In the meantime, the most recent edition of the PDF of the book (mistakes and all) can be found here:

PDF of the book

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look what I found...

I have a collection of crock pots and while I was looking for a replacement for one of mine that gave out, I ran across this baby.  It is awesome!  Three small just perfect for meals or small family dinners, or to put various dinner components in.  Each holds a small roast and has its own control!  With removable crocks for easy clean up!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Updates this summer...

Good day to y'all.   I've been inundated with schoolwork and five classes.  However, this summer I am taking off school to update Grillin' the Road and publish another book.  It's a surprise right now, but This summer I plan to roll it out and announce it here.  Be on the lookout!

For those who have read Grillin' the Road, please email me your comments and suggestions so I can make it as great a book as possible.  Email me at and I will consider any submissions.  If you have a favorite recipe or idea to add, let me know. I'd like to add ideas from other people, with proper reference, of course!  You will get full credit for your submissions.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Tip for using and freezing in the small glass casserole dishes

Use any of your recipes (or mine!) for baking or roasting in the glass casserole dishes (see where to buy appliances).
  • Bake or roast as you would normally, making sure your food doesn't come up over the top edge (if it does, you'll not be able to use the vinyl lid, but that's not a big problem, but it means it won't stack neatly in the freezer.).  
  • Allow to cool thoroughly.  Place lid snuggly on top.  Then, wrap the casserole in plastic wrap to double seal (this helps prevent freezer burn and keeps the lid on snuggly.).  Use freezer tape or masking tape to label the meal with what it is and the date it was made.  If the meal exceeds the top of the casserole dish, just double wrap with plastic wrap.  The plastic wrap also helps prevent leaks when thawing.
  • Freeze!  
  • When warming up - remove plastic wrap and open lid a bit for a vent, if microwaving.  Remove all plastic and lid completely if warming up in the oven, and cover with foil if you want to keep moisture in.  DO NOT use foil in the microwave!  
  • Microwave warmup: about 3-5 minutes (or more) depending on power of microwave.  Check food (turn or stir if needed) after the first 3 minutes and after each subsequent minute until done. 

Another healthy food site...

Yes! I have some time to post, finally, and today I am featuring a site I found on Facebook.

Lisa Leake shows how to cut out processed food for a healthier life.  She has tons of ideas, plans and meal ideas, many of which are "take-along-able".   I highly recommend this site!


New addition to appliances and where to buy:

A must have for OTR drivers: A microwave oven.

A small (.7 cu foot) microwave with a low wattage (700 w) is perfect for the truck. These usually run under $50.   It's small enough to fit and not take up too much space, yet big enough to heat meals in the small glass casserole dishes.   Make sure your truck is properly wired to handle the wattage load.  Talk to your company's maintenance crew. A "plug in" inverter may be able to handle the load, but you need to make sure your truck's wiring and auxiliary power can handle it.  If you own your own truck, you might be able to do it yourself. Here's a link to how to install an inverter.


On a general note, I've been busy with college so I've not had a lot of time to play with this site. However, I am still in the process of writing my 2nd cookbook, which targets healthier eating and recipes. It will be more "how to cook", with many of the same ideas as Grillin' the Road's portable meals.  Proceeds of paperback book sales will go to the Michael J Fox Parkinson Foundation, with the entire book being available online in its own web page and for download in PDF.  This will be a while coming, so please be patient.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Keep them wheels rollin....

It's a well known fact that great truckers are hard to come by and keep in a company.  By the same token, finding a great driving job can be a pain.  Especially if a driver is still on the road and doesn't have a lot of time to job hunt.  Fortunately, there is help!  Check out Truck Driver Jobs In America!  Many companies available in one place. For all kinds of driving jobs!