Saturday, May 31, 2014

Look what I found...

I have a collection of crock pots and while I was looking for a replacement for one of mine that gave out, I ran across this baby.  It is awesome!  Three small just perfect for meals or small family dinners, or to put various dinner components in.  Each holds a small roast and has its own control!  With removable crocks for easy clean up!!!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Updates this summer...

Good day to y'all.   I've been inundated with schoolwork and five classes.  However, this summer I am taking off school to update Grillin' the Road and publish another book.  It's a surprise right now, but This summer I plan to roll it out and announce it here.  Be on the lookout!

For those who have read Grillin' the Road, please email me your comments and suggestions so I can make it as great a book as possible.  Email me at and I will consider any submissions.  If you have a favorite recipe or idea to add, let me know. I'd like to add ideas from other people, with proper reference, of course!  You will get full credit for your submissions.