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Favorite Well-Known Cooks/Chefs

These are the well-known peeps who have inspired me to better cooking. I'm still working on it.

Alton Brown. Goes without saying.  My Hero.

Find him here:
And here:

Emeril! Mr. BAM! himself.

And Here:

Favorite Cook Books

The Way to Cook by Julia Child  This is my all-time favorite cookbook. Most cookbooks are a collection of recipes. This one shows you how to do it.

The Joy of Cooking I like the original version of this cookbook. It's the cook's bible.  Just about anything you can imagine is in this.

Better Homes and Gardens  I grew up with this one. Again, I prefer the original (because I don't like using prepared foods in recipes) but it's still a great, basic resource.

The Tightwad Gazette  Not exactly a cookbook, but it does have recipes.  This is an excellent source (if a bit dated) for people looking to save money and live frugally. There are tons of wonderful bits of information and tips.

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