Where to Buy Travel Appliances & Cookware

Travel Appliances
The best place to get travel appliances that I have found, so far, is the truck stops (travel centers) such as Pilot/Flying J.  The brand I've seen most, and heard very good things about, is RoadPro:

Main site: http://www.roadproonthego.com/
Cooking Appliances http://www.roadproonthego.com/store/c/23-Cooking-Appliances.aspx
Professional Driver Supplies: http://www.roadproonthego.com/store/c/19-Pro-Driver-Accessories.aspx


A must have for OTR drivers: A microwave oven.


A small (.7 cu foot) microwave with a low wattage (700 w) is perfect for the truck. These usually run under $50.   It's small enough to fit and not take up too much space, yet big enough to heat meals in the small glass casserole dishes.   The lower the wattage, the longer time it will take to heat food but it's faster than the crock pot!

Make sure your truck is properly wired to handle the wattage load.  Talk to your company's maintenance crew. A "plug in" inverter may be able to handle the load, but you need to make sure your truck's wiring and auxiliary power can handle it.  If you own your own truck, you might be able to do it yourself. Here's a link to how to install an inverter.  http://www.thetruckersreport.com/power-inverter-install/

Always follow manufacturer's safety instructions and never put metal in a microwave.  

Baking/Freezing/Serving Dishes from Pyrex
These are wonderful for making ahead (can bake/roast in) and freezing or refrigerating, then just taking along to pop into the microwave! They are very sturdy and stack wonderfully in the freezer. You can order them from these links.  I found them at Wal-Mart, but you can also find them at Target and many large grocery stores. Many are sold in sets. Design saves space while saving the Earth. The compact design maximizes your fridge and freezer space, and they nest and stack for storage when not in use. Snap on a secure, BPA-free lid for an efficient, convenient lunchbox.These are my favorites:

Pyrex® 4-3/4-cup Storage Rectangle w/ Red Plastic Cover  $6.99
The Pyrex® 4-3/4-cup Rectangle Glass Storage Dish with Plastic Cover. For big stuff! Potatoes, chicken parts, chicken pot pies, etc.

Pyrex® 3-cup Storage Rectangle w/ Red Plastic Cover  $5.99
Totally stackable!! The Pyrex® 3-Cup Rectangle Glass Storage Dish w/Plastic Cover. I can't tell you how many things we use this for - usually main dish meats, lasagna, casseroles, etc.

Pyrex® 2-cup Storage Dish w/ Blue Plastic Cover (also in red)  $4.99
 The reusable glass Pyrex® 2-Cup Round Glass Storage Dish w/Plastic Cover. Perfect for soups, stews, sauces, and individual cheesecakes and pies.

Pyrex® 1-cup Storage Dish w/ Blue Plastic Cover    $3.99
We love this size for salad dressings, gravies, relishes, etc.

* Prices and availability of products subject to change.

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