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Physical exercise is proven to improve quality of life, health, sleep and the cardiovascular system.  Two years ago I couldn't walk without a cane and was in constant hip, knee and other joint pain.  Regular exercise has alleviated those symptoms. Have doubts? This picture is me at 48 years old (July 2012) with debilitating disorders such as Parkinson's, asthma and arthritis. I lift weights. I dance. I do calisthenics, martial arts, Tai Chi and I run.  And no, I was not athletically inclined in my youth. Even just 15 minutes of general calisthenics can vastly improve your health and life. 

Why? Because I can.

Because Fitness and Healthy Eating go hand in hand:

Healthy Foods to Eat: Meal List

10 Heart Healthy Foods: 10 Heart Healthy Foods


Truckers and Travelers: Many exercises can be done on the road at a rest area, right at or in your truck.  My hubby carries a couple of pairs of dumbbells and an resistance tube, along with a roll-up exercise mat and a decent pair of cross trainers (shoes).  Other easy to travel with equipment include resistance straps (VPS below) and kettle bells. 

A fantastic website for exercise and nutrition support, information and plans, and you don't have to be a body builder to use it. They have info for men, women and people over 40! Body Builders

Running is an excellent way to keep healthy - both your cardiovascular system and your muscles. You can read all about the 35 Amazing Health Benefits here at Sports Fitness: Advisor 

Vegas Pro Straps: and EXCELLENT way to work out!  This is my buddy Ken demonstrating: VPS Straps

Resistance Tubes - inexpensive and lightweight

Examples of exercises to use with resistance tubes. 


An awesome fitness support site for us older folks: Age Badly

Another: Fit over Fifty

A great place for connecting with others, exercises and exercise programs, health and fitness ideas, diet plans, recipes, tracking food and fitness, etc.: Spark People


Two of my favorite books for fitness and eating right are these. They contain excellent diet plans and exercises one can do on the road:

Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength, by Bill Philips

Amazon: Click here

Web site:

Body-for-LIFE for Women: A Woman's Plan for Physical and Mental Transformation, by Dr. Pamela Peeke

Amazon: Click here


A fantastic book for losing weight and getting in shape:

Escape Your Shape: How to Work Out Smarter, Not Harder, by Edward J. Jackowski 
Amazon: Click here

Web site:

My favorite ways to keep in shape are:

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