Friday, August 17, 2012

Moving right along... (about self publishing)

So, after a few years of thinking about it and writing here and there, a mad rush in three weeks and the book is up. I guess it was fortunate I had an illness that kept me from all else, so I could focus on getting the book done.  You can see the About page for details on that.  Paperback copies are available as well as eBooks, and Charlie will be selling paperbacks as well from the road.  I can't believe in just 2 days I've sold 26 copies already, both eBook and paperback.

It's hard to believe I finally got it finished. Well, mostly finished.  There will be updates, possibly a revision in the future, and maybe a color, hardbound edition.  I am toying with either making a revision with more stuff, or just a companion book to go with. Maybe that and put it all together in one book for the hardbound edition.  It was incredibly easy to publish my own book.  I used Microsoft Word to write it out, and PhotoShop to process the pictures and graphics.  Places like Smashwords and Kindle (Amazon) make it very easy to publish an eBook, and Lulu and CreateSpace (Amazon) make it very easy to produce a Print on Demand (POD) book.  All of them let you create and sell for free, only taking a percentage of any sales.  They have cover creation programs to help with getting a really nice cover, too. If anyone is interested in publishing their own book, I would highly recommend these sites.  Lulu also does eBooks, but I think Smashwords has a bigger distribution area, as does Amazon's sites.  With eBooks, Smashwords has a lot of different formats, more than Lulu. Amazon's Kindle is just for the Kindle. Make sure you download their formatting requirements, which they give for free.  I followed them to the letter and didn't have to redo anything - got approved first shot.  They also have professional services available for a fee, if you get stuck.

I only know about these that I've presented.  Unfortunately, I really don't know about the others out there.

Links to publishing sites I am using:

Here are some links to articles I read while looking for a way to get my book out: 

Meanwhile, I am updating this blog/web space with as much as I can cram into it.   My publisher is me, usually listed as Thistle Rose Studio.  TRS was my old business up in Vermont and then Kentucky, where I made sewn and knit housewares and gifts for sale.  I still have a blog up for TRS, even if I don't actually have the business anymore, and use it for special orders or instruction.  You can find that here at  It's also my personal site, so there will be all kinds of posts and pages there.

UPDATE 8/24/12: I am posting an update here as I have discovered I like CreateSpace much more than I like Lulu for the paperback. Why?

  • CreateSpace's shipping is faster, cheaper and they have tracking available.  Lulu falls short here.
  • I can buy copies of my own book cheaper at CreateSpace
  • I like their creation and posting tools better - easier to use
  • I like their book building site better, also easier to use and update. 
  • I think the distribution options are better as well. 

Safe Travels!


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